Volunteer Doulas Needed

Jul 27 1:36pm | Sarah Palmer | @sarahpalmer

Last summer, Mayo Clinic Volunteer Programs (MCVP) and the Family Birth Center partnered to launch Mayo Clinic's Volunteer Doula Program, which aims to improve equity in health care by providing birth doula support to any Family Birth Center patient who requests it. The program is quickly gaining popularity with patients, and our amazing team of dedicated volunteer doulas have supported dozens of laboring mothers so far.

In an effort to accommodate as many requests for volunteer doula support as possible, MCVP is continuing to actively recruit new volunteer doulas. In order to become a Mayo Clinic volunteer doula, a volunteer must complete an online doula training course from an approved nationally certified organization, the cost of which is covered by the Mayo Clinic Volunteer Doula Program. After completing all training requirements, volunteer doulas self-schedule to be on call for a minimum of eight hours every other week. Volunteer doulas must be within one hour of the hospital during their on-call shifts and will be called to campus if a patient requests volunteer doula support while they are on call. Incoming volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of one year of volunteering with the program.

The Volunteer Doula Program is undoubtedly one of our more intensive volunteer programs, and it requires a considerable commitment from participating volunteers; however, our doulas find their work to be meaningful and fulfilling, and the program's impact on the patient experience is substantial. If you are interested in becoming a Mayo Clinic volunteer doula or have any questions about this unique program, please contact Sarah Palmer, Manager of Methodist Campus Volunteers, at palmer.sarah@mayo.edu or 507-266-7397.

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