Health disparity and effects of COVID-19 on racial, ethnic minorities

Oct 30, 2020 | Jennifer O'Hara | @jenohara | Comments (1)


A recent Mayo Clinic study looked at the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minorities.

"We found that environmental factors, especially systemic racism and problems with housing density, predispose these patients to having more chances of infection," says Dr. Aditya Shah, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert and one of the authors of the study.

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Shah explains the research findings and discusses how clinicians can help bring awareness to health disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health emergencies.

To practice safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, this interview was conducted using video conferencing. The sound and video quality are representative of the technology used.

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“systematic racism” in a scientific study doesn’t look fair but biased conclusions. Won’t read further than that sentence.

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