COVID-19 and the ICU: Online support is available

Apr 2, 2020 | Annie Johnson | @andreab


Recovering from critical illness/injury can be very difficult for people even in the best of circumstances. Any additional outside stressors may potentially amplify the challenges faced during recovery. With the direct impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on daily lives, it is no surprise that those currently recovering from critical illness are experiencing this more acutely. With social distancing in effect and changes in access to regular healthcare providers, resources that play an important role in critical illness recovery have become more difficult to find.

However, there are resources available to you from the comfort and safety of your home. Support groups are widely known to play an incredible role in the healing process from any illness or injury, and as always Mayo Clinic Connect hosts a fantastic variety of online support groups. Specifically during this time, there are several discussions happening focused on COVID-19 and the multitude of ways this is impacting people’s lives. Becoming critically ill with COVID-19 or having a loved one who is, presents even more unique challenges. Please join our many conversations regarding COVID-19 and specifically COVID-19: What does it mean for people in ICU and for families?

The many other threads can be found here:

Our Mayo Clinic ICU Recovery Team will be regularly posting on this blog to provide helpful tips and information for people and families at home during this time who are in the process of recovering from a critical illness/injury. Check back often, and in the meantime be well!

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