What clinical studies mean for patients

Jul 10, 2017 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87

At Mayo Clinic, medical research is driven by the needs of the patients. Clinical studies are an important part of medical research, because they help bridge research and patient care through the evaluation of therapies, drugs and diagnostic tools to drive discoveries into clinical practice.

Medical research vialIn clinical studies, people with a particular disease and healthy people both play a critical role. These volunteers are essential for research. Their participation can help further science and may ultimately improve health care in the future.

In clinical trials, researchers study:

  • New drugs or combinations of drugs
  • New surgical procedures or devices
  • New ways to use existing treatments

Research at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic's culture of collaboration and teamwork, and its extensive facilities and resources, make it possible for researchers to unravel and solve complex research questions. Answering these questions requires a multidisciplinary team, which may include physicians who care for patients with a disease, basic scientists who investigate the condition's molecular basis and epidemiologists who study its effect on populations.

This close integration makes it possible to bring proven diagnostics and therapeutics to patients quickly, and share this knowledge with the next generation of physicians and scientists.

The results? More hope. Fresh answers. Improved patient care. Better health.

Finding clinical trials


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