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Jan 23, 2018 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87

You can find all Mayo Clinic’s newly released content in one place, with quick-share social media buttons and optional prepopulated messages. You’ll discover:

  • Trusted health information
  • The latest Mayo Clinic medical news and research
  • Inspiring patient stories
  • News ways you can help others

Share Feature - Champions

Getting started

Mayo Clinic is looking for Champions to make a difference through sharing helpful content on social media. You can share by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Mayo Clinic Champions home page.
  2. Select an article that you’d like to read and share from the Champions Newsfeed section. You can find featured, most popular and trending content. You also can search within this section if you are looking for specific content, or select “View All” for all content.
  3. Read the article preview, and then you can share it by selecting a social media icon on the top or bottom share bars. If this is your first time sharing, you will have to follow the authorization prompts.
  4. Optional: If you need inspiration, there are suggested messages to include with your post. Select the change icon at the bottom of the page if you’d like to cycle through different prepopulated messages. If using Facebook or LinkedIn, you will have to paste the message into your post. It will be copied automatically.
  5. Write and edit your message, and then select share, tweet or post.

Don’t forget that you can earn badges and track your progress within your profile if you have a Connect account. You also have more badges you can earn if you sign up to be a Champion too.


Interested in more newsfeed posts like this? Go to the Mayo Clinic Champions blog.

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