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Nov 18, 2019 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87 | Comments (13)


As a Champion, it's hard not to talk about your Mayo Clinic experience when the opportunity presents itself. And throughout the years, we've heard some pretty unique ways that Champions have encouraged Mayo Clinic to come up in their day-to-day lives.

Some use a Mayo Clinic water bottle or wear a Mayo Clinic jacket to encourage people to ask about Mayo Clinic. Others bring it up in the salon as their latest trip out of state to Rochester, Scottsdale/Phoenix, or Jacksonville for treatment or a checkup. We've also seen Mayo Clinic been brought up as they post about their treatment or transplant anniversary on social media channels.

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I had an ear surgery when I was ten. I am now 72, and it was a very telling point in my life. O.E. Hallberg, M.D. had devised a new technique for mastoid surgery that was cutting edge for that time. He removed a tumor in the mastoid and along the facial nerve, and I made a complete recovery. Local specialists thought the problem was in both ears due to issues with radiological technique. One surgery vs. four. My parents were overjoyed with the diagnosis, the surgery, and the way they were treated regarding insurance and costs. I have guided friends to Rochester and Phoenix, in fact I have friends on their way as I send this to deal with a reoccurrence of leukemia. I also spent time in Rochester with a former father in law having orthopedic surgery, and the care was flawless. The marriage was fatally flawed, but not an issue Mayo is prepared to address. If I ever have a problem of any moment, I will not hesitate to present myself in Rochester, and I continue to be an active advocate of Mayo Clinic. It is the gold standard for medical care.

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Thank you so much for sharing @elwooodsdad. It's amazing to see a Champion who was at Mayo Clinic over 60 years ago! I'm glad you are still talking about Mayo Clinic and the care you, your friends, and family have received here. Keep up the great work!

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