Being Grateful is Healthy

Nov 9, 2016 | Tony Hart | @TonyHart87

Gratitude everyday can bring happiness into your life, and that’s healthy. You can make an impact on your own life and the lives of others by practicing gratitude. Amit Sood, M.D., a Mayo Clinic stress management and resiliency expert tells us that we can “cultivate deeper gratitude by being thankful for the simple and the ordinary. It will help you become happier and more resilient.”


Happiness is Healthy

Happier people have…

  1. Enhanced creativity and broadened thinking
  2. Healthier and younger cells for their biological age
  3. Decreased activity in the brain’s pain network
  4. Increased longevity
  5. Happier friends

Find out more reasons to be gracious in this happiness health benefits video.


Creating An Attitude of Gratitude

This short meditation might help you start your day thinking about people who you know care about you. Such focus might help you feel worthy, cared for, and provide the much needed energy to make the most of this day. We encourage you to practice this gratitude when you first wake up in the morning.

What is happiness? Life’s happiest moments have one or more of these three ingredients—creating, connecting, caring. Learn more about the three Cs of happiness with this video.


Did You Know?

Gratitude can help in times of adversity? Learn about one small practice can help turn worry into calm.


Be thankful for the simple and ordinaryBeing Grateful

Choosing to be grateful can have an impact on your life and happiness. Take a moment today to thank someone who is close to you.

At Mayo Clinic, we’re grateful for our inspiring patients and their families, and for our dedicated medical professionals, researchers, and educators  who make a difference in the lives of those they care for every day.

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