May 21, 2020 | Katrina Sorensen, Research Coordinator | @katrinasorensen


Do you have a question about genetic heart rhythm disorders that you are itching to get answered? Here is your opportunity! This Friday, May 22nd, at 1:20 PM CST, Dr. Susan Etheridge will join Dr. Ackerman for a Facebook Live Q&A session!

Dr. Etheridge is the Director of the Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship and Residency Program at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children's Medical Center. She specializes in all forms of arrhythmic disorders.

To join the Facebook Live session, SADSLIVEjust go to the SADS Foundation's Facebook page. Tomorrow, a new video will be available for you to join with the label "LIVE" in the top left-hand corner (illustrated to the right). You can also view previous Facebook Live Sessions under the Videos tab.

We hope you are able to join the Windland Smith Rice Sudden Death Genetic Heart Rhythm Clinic and the SADS Foundation this Friday!

Meet other people talking about genetic heart disorders on Mayo Clinic Connect. Join the Heart Rhythm Conditions group to join the conversation, share experiences, ask questions, and discover your support network.

For up-to-date information, please follow Dr. Ackerman and the Windland Smith Rice Genetic Heart Rhythm Clinic on Twitter by clicking the links below.


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