Pregnancy and Pelvic PT

Apr 22, 2022 | Samantha Campbell | @samanthacmaa | Comments (1)

Women with EDS/HSD should consult with a Pelvic Physical Therapist early in their pregnancy to establish care and for evaluation of pelvic girdle joint and pelvic floor muscle function. Hormones during pregnancy further increase hypermobility of the joints and tissues. Pregnant women with EDS/HSD are more likely to develop low back and pelvic girdle pain, separation of abdominal muscles (diastasis rectus abdominis) and urinary incontinence, so they should work with their pelvic PT to prevent and/or manage these issues throughout the pregnancy. They may be advised to make specific plans to avoid injuries during delivery. Women with EDS/HSD should plan to follow up with their pelvic PT 3 weeks after delivery to evaluate that connective tissue, joint, and muscle healing is occurring as expected and to promote optimal recovery. How was your experience with pregnancy?

Author: Cindy Neville, DPT

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I had two vaginal births. This was about 28 years before my HSD diagnosis. I carried my first child and delivered a couple of weeks early. Positioning was key! He was stuck in my canal for over an hour. My second child was different. I dropped 4 months early and went on bed rest. Cystic placenta that had to be watched carefully. I also had him early but the delivery went much quicker because I knew how to position my sacrum. Shortly after I was diagnosed with incontinence and have been battling it ever since. I now have a great PT that also specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and she has helped alot. Still have to wear protection pads but it's alright. At least my pants are dry! For any hypermobile female planning on pregnancy, I highly recommend PT prior, during, and after!!!

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