#AsktheMayoMom on Congenital Heart Disease with Dr. Joseph Dearani

Feb 13, 2019 | Joseph A. Dearani, MD | @jad03

2019-03-15 Dr. Dearani

Congenital heart disease is a basket term for when a child is born with a heart that has a structural abnormality, such as a hole or an enlarged part. These abnormalities are oftentimes fixed surgically during a patient's childhood. In the following Mayo Clinic #AsktheMayoMom Q and A hosted by Dr. Angela Mattke with pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Joseph Dearani, congenital heart disease is defined and explored, including defects that do not need surgery, an expanded conversation on Epstein's Anomaly.

In addition, patient questions are taken and answered by Dr. Dearani.



The importance of an experienced, collaborative team is of the utmost importance to the success of the congenital heart disease treatment. Dr. Dearani stresses the importance of an experienced team, and educating yourself on the defect, as well as getting connected. Dr. Dearani says:

"This networking, I have found, is wonderful reassurance, for patients and families because they'll talk to somebody who doctor so-and-so and some institution took care of. They'll tell you what was good about it what maybe was not so good about it. It's a great way to connect and learn and I would encourage families to do that as much as possible."

Learn more about Congenital Heart Disease and the Adult Congenital Heart Disease service  available at Mayo Clinic’s campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, as well as the Children Congenital Heart Disease service is available at the Mayo Euguenia Litta Children’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Also, learn more about the current developments in CHD research.

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