Obtenga guía experta sobre prácticas diarias, basadas en estudios actuales. Todos los lunes de junio se publicarán nuevos vídeos y temas relacionados con la supervivencia del cáncer, que estarán disponibles hasta el 31 de agosto.
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Get expert guidance on daily practices based on current research studies. New videos on topics related to cancer survivorship are posted every Monday in June and available through August 31st.
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Stress Management

Cancer, like all serious illnesses, elicits a high level of the stress response. These educational material offerings provide an opportunity for patients and caregivers to understand how our body responds in these situations as well as provide or demonstrate various tools for relaxation and renewal techniques for physical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

Stress Management for Cancer Online Course:

Click on the image below to access our self-paced and interactive stress management module. We hope you find this helpful, enjoy!


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