The Holidays Are Here

Oct 11, 2017 | Lisa Stephens, PhD | @lisastephens

thanksgivingThanksgiving traditionally kicks off the busy holiday season and provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that is behind us and the start of a new year. Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season but my hope is that you also take time to acknowledge how far you have come while also taking time to give thanks for the blessings that surround you.

The American Cancer Society uses survivor to define all individuals from the moment of diagnosis through the balance of life. As a cancer survivor, you may recall days you felt joy, happiness and cheer, while other days you felt stress and pressure. Be gentle with yourself and remember that now more than ever is the time to reduce stress, conserve energy and focus on more important things — your health.

At the heart of the season is remembering what these days are all about - living with gratitude, sending joy to others and connecting with those we love. Keep in mind all the little things that mean a lot to you as you celebrate the holidays and build them in. For example, surround yourself with family and friends for holiday meals, donate to a charity or continue a time-honored family tradition. Be sure to give in ways that make you feel good. Giving is often more fulfilling than receiving.

If you find the holidays to be a time of stress, we encourage patients and survivors to contact their health-care providers for support . The Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center also offers a variety of resources to help assist patients, including classes, reading materials, literature, support groups and professional services.

We wish you a holiday season filled with things that bring you joy and peace.

How do you celebrate the holidays ? What makes this time of year mean more to you?

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