Seeking Creativity During COVID-19 (for all ages) 

May 28, 2020 | Wendy Hanson | @wendyhanson

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Article contributed by guest author, Jenna Whiting, Creative Renewal presenter.

Get Creative Outdoors – Find peace and solitude under the big blue sky by visiting your backyard, taking a walk or a day trip to a nearby state park.  Forage for rocks, ferns or pinecones and create a piece of artistic Earth for other passersby to enjoy.

Turn Found Objects into Art – Search for rocks or pieces of salvaged wood, and turn them into your canvas.  Paint and decorate “Art Rocks” with uplifting messages, pictures and quotes and place them around your neighborhood.  Grab some wood slabs from the garage and use stain or paint to create a little piece of artwork.  Display in your favorite nook.

Nature’s Brushes – Play with textures by utilizing nature’s materials.  Items like sticks, leaves, flower petals and pine branches can be used as paint brushes.  See what kind of patterns and strokes you can create.

Flower Crowns – Most of us get that nostalgic feeling assembling a flower crown out of the season’s first dandelions – you’re never too young or too old to make yourself a crown.  So get outside and start plucking.  While you’re at it, find a nice thick blade of grass, put it between your thumbs and blow.

Plant Garland – Search for various flowers and leaves – be mindful that some plants and flowers cause allergic reactions, so know what you’re picking before you touch it!  Once you collect your nature bundle, start threading and tying using a needle and floss, creating a gorgeous swag of greenery to hang in your home or outside.

Nature Weaving – Use sticks and rope to create a loom.  Weave branches, flowers and vines throughout.  For added colorful impact, weave any extra colorful yarn you may have around the house.  This makes a one-of-a-kind display to have in your home until it’s time to add new flowers!

Resin Meets Nature – Order a silicone paper weight or pendant mold online.  Forage for flowers, leaves, and any small object that strikes your fancy to be displayed in your pendant or paper weight.  Next, order or pick-up resin from your local hardware store.  Mix as instructed and start layering your resin and found objects in your mold to create a show stopper to be displayed on your shelf, desk or cabinet.

We would love to hear what nature-inspired art you have created!

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