Screening for Colorectal Cancer, the Second Time Around

Mar 4, 2021 | Lonnie Fynskov | @lonniefynskov

colorectal awarenessYou have probably heard cancer screening statistics and know it is one of the most effective ways of finding cancer in its most treatable stage. However, the thought of testing may increase one’s anxiety, raise our blood pressure or cause our heart to beat just a little faster. “What if they find something?” “This isn’t really a good time for me to do the prep and have the test.” “It won’t hurt if I just wait a little bit longer.” Do these thoughts sound familiar?

What about screening when you have already had a previous diagnosis of colorectal cancer and have had treatment? Are those anxious “what if” voices even louder and the anxiety about the next colonoscopy even more elevated? It would be natural to want to delay the screening, but it is equally as important to schedule the appointment in a timely manner. Early detection is still key to effective treatment the second time around.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and many organizations around the country will “BLUEFORCRC.” It is a wonderful time to refresh your memory regarding when you or your loved ones are due for colorectal screening. Fear can keep us from doing many things; protecting our health shouldn’t fall into that list. Have you ever hesitated to schedule a screening that was due? How have you overcome those voices that often urge us to delay what is best for our health?


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