Reducing 13 Cancer Types

Jan 30, 2018 | Megan Roessler M. Ed. | @meganroessler

shutterstock_75764221Article contributed by Lonnie Fynskov, Patient Educator

Stephen and Barbare Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center, Rochester, MN

I wonder how much I would spend on a pill if I knew it reduced my chances of getting at least 13 different cancers and decreased the possibility of getting heart disease, diabetes, dementia and arthritis? Would insurance pay for a medication that helps prevent several costly chronic illnesses? A pill with that kind of power could be pretty costly! But I would probably even consider paying   out of pocket for something that would so dramatically impact my current and future health.

You probably guessed where I am going with this. No, there is no magic pill that will do all of the things I just listed, but there is something that does: exercise.   Also, it usually is free…amazing!  I’ve read several articles that provide numerous reasons and research on the benefits of exercise.  So my lack of follow through is not related to a lack of knowledge.  But somehow the part of my brain that says it is important to do and the part that says I’m going to do it don’t always agree.  The times when I’m most successful at working activity into my life are the times when I take as much of the decision out of the picture as possible.

Such as:

  • Making a date with a friend to go for a walk.
  • Arranging to get picked up from work late so I can go to the gym.
  • Telling my kids I’ll call them after I’ve finished my workout

All of these have helped reduce my excuses and “moved me” towards better health. I’d love to hear what is working for you!

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