Learn about breast cancer treatment advances, new research on Lynch syndrome and colorectal cancer

Nov 13 1:16pm | Linde Sifuentes, Patient Educator | @sifuenteslinde

The Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center Blog shares news, information and stories from Mayo Clinic’s cancer experts and patients. New stories featured on the blog include:

Dr. Judy Boughey explains why some people with multiple tumors may be able to receive a lumpectomy followed by whole-breast radiation therapy.

Researchers have discovered new genetic markers to identify Lynch syndrome-associated colorectal cancer with high accuracy.

Dr. Lida Mina says treatment for metastatic breast cancer has advanced, allowing people to live longer with a better quality of life.

Sarah Cormell, a Mayo Clinic social worker, shares tips to help caregivers care for themselves while caring for a loved one.

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