Will Your Team Accept 'The CHALLENGE'?

Jul 17, 2020 | Kimberly Schmidt | @kimberlyd

The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program has many unique ways to educate the community and raise awareness on the importance of blood donation--one of those ways is through an organized blood donation "challenge." Departments within Mayo Clinic and the community set up these challenges through the Marketing and Recruitment Team at the Blood Donor Program to see whose team can generate the most blood donations! It's a fun and rewarding way for colleagues to save lives.

Team Photo

Team HEMOLYZERS - Winners from a recent Blood Donation Challenge

The Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant Staff, as well as the Retention, Recognition and Well-Being Committee successfully completed their 1st Annual Blood Donor Challenge. Being a specialty that works with patients who require blood products daily, they understand how valuable and necessary blood products are!  They thought it would be an excellent way to give to their patients in an extra special way!

This staff challenge brought in a total of 65 units to add to our inventory! Outstanding! We are so thankful to everyone who participated in this challenge.


Wendy Worden's GroupCNS Challenge Winners

Team Shauna's Serum Squad - Recent winners from the Clinic Nurse Specialist Challenge

The Rochester Clinical Nurse Specialist group is always ready for a challenge. When their Well-Being Champions brought forth the idea for them to save lives in another way … in addition to what they do each and every day for their patients … they were more than happy to help!

“Our group is over 60 members strong, so we created fun team names (The RBCs: Really Brilliant Clinical Specialists, Blood Buddies & Shauna’s Serum Squad) with each team led by one of our Well-Being Champions. The teams competed in this ‘friendly competition’ to see which team would bring home bragging rights. Word spread to assist us in our donations - and it paid off!” shared Wendy Worden, CNS.

Wendy continued to tell us that her team represents many specialties across the campus, so they know the need is great and especially during this pandemic. “On a personal level, we all have been impacted by someone who has needed this lifesaving gift. It is critical to give back in whatever way we can,” Wendy smiles.  “Our Mayo CNSs have the biggest hearts. It’s so important to participate in these challenges to not only donate blood, but to raise awareness of the need and recruit others to join in our efforts. Whether it’s our talents, finding resources or giving of ourselves, as CNSs do … we continue to be there when the need is greatest and we save lives.  We look forward to our next Blood Donor Challenge!”

The need for blood products is great … Our patients are counting on us.

If your staff would be interested in organizing a Blood Challenge with your unit, please email us at donateblood@mayo.edu or call (77)4-4475.

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