Loves Fun and Saves Lives

Aug 25, 2016 | Bobsi | @barbarajpa

image-a1a948ba3c68The other day I met a very interesting gentleman.  He drove 3 hours to donate platelets here at Mayo Clinic.  When I asked him why he came all the way up here from Iowa rather than donate in Iowa, he stated he was giving back to Mayo.  It turns out, his brother was treated here in Rochester and he was so impressed with the care given to his brother that he thought this was a terrific way to help out this fine institution.

This interesting gentleman, Virgil, also had a paw prints on his head.  To be honest, he is probably the first guy I have seen with paw prints on his head!  When asked about the paw print it turns out he is just a fun spirited individual and he was at the Iowa state far, saw the fake tattoos and thought he needed some.  He said he has always wanted to put rabbits on his head so he would have some "hares" and had not yet done that so thought the paw prints would be just as good.  Nothing like scaring off the birds from overhead I guess.

Virgil ended the conversation with the fact that the other reason he comes to Mayo to donate is because when he grew up, the only reason to leave the homestead was if you had something to accomplish.  So, Virgil, accomplishment done  - up to 3 lives!  And, you also accomplished entertaining us who listened to your wonderful stories. Thank you!


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