Being able to laugh at nothing and everything: Meet @dsisko

Oct 31 8:00am | John, Volunteer Mentor | @johnbishop | Comments (6)

JOHN: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect? 

@dsisko: I honestly don’t remember but I’m guessing that I saw something at or from Mayo Clinic that recommended this forum. Since then, I’ve referred many people to the site who have unanswered questions or would benefit from connecting with others who have the same health issues. 

JOHN: What motivates you to take part in Mayo Clinic Connect and makes you feel comfortable to share and to be open with the community?

@dsisko: I have had questions answered and hopefully have provided some answers or personal experiences myself. Not all health issues can wait and some issues are helped by learning what has worked (and hasn’t) for other members. It can give me confidence to pursue a path I’ve been considering and can give me direction to look into another solution. If I have concerns about advice I’ve been given or am hesitant about a path my doctor recommends, it helps to learn if others have been successful on this same road.

JOHN: What groups do you participate in?

@dsisko: I participate and learn from the Lung Health, Heart Rhythm Conditions and Autoimmune Diseases support groups. I periodically search other groups if I have a specific question that I’d like to see how others handled.

JOHN: Tell us about a meaningful moment on Mayo Clinic Connect.

@dsisko: I had a question about a recommendation from my cardiologist that I disagreed with. I posed the question and many people responded with their experiences and suggestions. This helped me make a decision on what route to go. Ultimately, I switched doctors and went with another treatment which, in retrospect, was right for me.

JOHN: What surprised you the most about Mayo Clinic Connect?

@dsisko: While I find that there are many postings that do not apply to me, I also discover many that I could have written myself as they accurately describe what I am experiencing. So much compassion. Many good ideas and experiences that I can use in my own health journey.

JOHN: What energizes you, or how do you find balance in your life?

@dsisko: As an introvert, I find energy by being alone. I love to read and this quiet time gives me time to breathe and recharge my internal batteries.

JOHN: Tell us about your favorite pastime or activity.

@dsisko: Travel and photography are my passions. Fortunately, I can do both at the same time. I just got back from a trip to Churchill Canada to see the polar bears and the aurora borealis. Both were stunning.

JOHN: What do you appreciate most in your friends?

@dsisko: Honesty, the ability to laugh at nothing and everything, someone who listens and shares equally, and has a positive, non-critical attitude. 

JOHN: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

@dsisko: A young Katherine Hepburn. What an independent, vibrant, talented soul she was.

JOHN: What do you love about where you live or vacation?

@dsisko: We live in the north in the summer. It is beautiful, full of lakes, and has the nicest people. Love it there! The rest of the year, we live in the south. This allows us to bike, swim, kayak, and hike while listening to our friends up north describe the latest snow storm.

JOHN: Puppies or kittens?

@dsisko: Puppies! I have huge allergies to cats even though they are so cute and cuddly.

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Good morning @dsisko! I really enjoyed working with you on your spotlight and getting to know a little more about you. Thanks for sharing with the community. I'm hoping you are enjoying the warmth of the south right now as we in the Rochester, MN area have been blessed with an inch or so of that not so fluffy white stuff making it slip and slide outside. Feel bad for the kiddies having to trick or treat tonight.

Happy Tuesday!


@dsisko I really enjoyed reading your profile! Every time I read your name or say it to myself, I can’t help but think of the Cisco Kid. Remember him. I barely do except for his name.
I do see your name come up in the autoimmune diseases group and think how helpful and kind you are!
Thanks for sharing!


You sound so practical and level headed in your approach to life, friends, and health. It is a refreshing article. You’ve also put in perspective my complaint of being cold here this morning in SC (52) vs snow up north and how we too didn’t enjoy snow shoveling exercises. What I like most about people who like photography is that the rest of us get a ride on your coattails and get to enjoy your work!


Nice Spotlight @dsisko. I like the photograph of the photographer. You have the best of both worlds being able to live up North in the summer and down South when things get real up North. Not that I have any idea what winter is like up North. I live in far Northern California and we are supposed to be 78 degrees today under mostly sunny skies. How wonderful to have two passions, travel and photography that you get to enjoy. Nicely done Sir John @johnbishop. Bundle up when you go outside!! 🙂


I enjoyed reading your profile, and look forward to sharing the journey with you…

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