National Nutrition Month

How many times have you heard breakfast is the most important meal? Well, it’s true. Even the American Heart Association recently found that meal timing can have an effect on your risk for conditions such as heart diseases, strokes and high blood pressure. Since National School Breakfast week is next week, Mayo Clinic has a few quick, flexible and most importantly, healthy options for your little ones.

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National Nutrition Month
National Nutrition Month | Mayo Clinic Connect
How many times have you heard breakfast is the most important meal.

Oh boy, does this hit home! Since I’ve been divorced – 10 years – I have hardly cooked anything, and I know my eating stinks. I know all the reasons why I should, but I just don’t want to. Right now I’m in the middle or a lot of painful oral surgery so that’s the reason now, but this has been going on all along …. breakfast is usually cream of wheat, lunch maybe 1/2 sandwich (can’t eat fruit because of mouth), and supper is usually a Stouffers, Lean Cousine, or some such. And my sugar craving is out of control, also something I know is wrong. Cooking for just me isn’t fun …. it’s a drag and then if I do cook something, I don’t want to eat it. I know the only answer is “just do it,” but I just don’t have the oomph (depression), and frankly don’t care a lot. Thanks for listening.

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