January 31, 2017

Changing Minds While Learning to Live With Epilepsy

By Nate Gilbraith

The first time Tehya Mrotek had a seizure during class, she just started high school. Her teachers weren’t very familiar with handling epilepsy and were not equipped to administer seizure first-aid. Around the same time her family was discussing the importance of epilepsy education, the school hired a new nurse and decided to bring in Mayo Clinic specialists to train staff and engage an advocacy group. “A training was initiated at the beginning of every school year for all the teachers,” said Tamra, Tehya’s mother and a timekeeping specialist at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus. The school also initiated multiple training refreshers throughout the year. Soon after the training, Tehya’s classmates began to understand her condition. “People started to get a grasp of what epilepsy was and started talking to me and telling me they were there for me if I ever had a seizure,” Tehya recalls.

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