January 26, 2017

Cowboy Back in Saddle After Successful Treatment of Glomerulonephritis

By Nate Gilbraith

Four years ago, Jack Rhodes, a retired rancher, had gained 40 pounds due to fluid retention that resulted in swelling throughout his body. He suffered severe shortness of breath and was unable to walk. Local doctors were unable to diagnosis Jack’s symptoms, so he visited with nephrologist Dr. Nabeel Aslam at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus. After several tests, Dr. Aslam was able to give Jack a diagnosis—a kidney disease called membranous nephropathy. Jack began immunosuppressant medication, along with antibiotics to prevent any infections. After 15 months, Jack was able to stop taking the medication and is now in remission. His symptoms are well controlled, which has meant a marked increase in his quality of life. “Dr. Aslam has the ability to listen and concentrate on what the patient is saying. It appears to be vitally important to him that his patients improve as much as possible so they can enjoy their life,” Jack says. “He and Mayo Jacksonville are responsible for me being alive.”

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