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January 12, 2017

Marine Captain Witnesses His Daughter’s Birth From Thousands of Miles Away

By Nate Gilbraith

Matt Reedy, a captain in the United States Marine Corps, was deployed overseas when his wife, Alicia, was due to deliver the couple's first child. Doug Pappin, Alicia's father and a manager in Information Technology at Mayo Clinic, convinced Alicia to have the baby at Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus. On Oct. 24, when Dorothy “Dottie” Lane Reedy finally made her arrival, Matt connected to the delivery room through a video calling app on his smartphone. He was able "to see the birth of his beautiful daughter, and to hear her first cry," Doug (aka "Grandpa") says. "He wasn't there to hold her, but because of technology and caring Mayo Clinic staff, everyone … brought Matt into the experience as best they could."

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