January 9, 2017

After 20 Years of Seizures, Erica Enjoys Life Following Epilepsy Surgery

By Alyse Brunella

For much of her life, Erica Laney had frequent seizures that were caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout her brain. She describes these auras as roller coasters with a big drop followed by complete darkness. Erica suffered seizures weekly during her freshmen year of college, so she decided to transfer to a community college where she earned her nursing degree. Her seizures became so severe that Erica could no longer drive to work. Her neurologist recommended she visit Mayo Clinic to see whether alternative therapies would help control her seizures. Doctors recommended a temporal lobectomy, a procedure that removes the seizure focus. Today, Erica is seizure-free and is able to travel and experience the world with her husband and son.

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