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January 5, 2017

Mayo Patient Celebrates End of Radiation Treatments with Scottish Flair

By Nate Gilbraith

Six months after having surgery to remove the cancer from his body, Leonard Hislop was told that the cancer had returned. He suddenly was facing 30 rounds of radiation. But instead of dreading those treatments, Leonard decided he was going to embrace it. He told his care team he was planning to show up to his last appointment — where he would ring a bell signaling the end of his radiation treatment — in a formal kilt outfit. As the news spread, Dr. Johnson Thistle agreed to surprise Leonard by playing the bagpipes at his bell ringing. "It was absolutely incredible," Leonard says. "I could hardly contain my excitement and my heart rate. The bagpipes are very special to me, and so having Dr. Thistle take the time to do that for me really lit my candle."

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