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January 3, 2017

Young Adults with Disabilities Find Meaningful, Hope for a Future Through Work Project SEARCH

By Nate Gilbraith

Jakob Erickson, who has autism spectrum disorder, was part of the first group of interns to participate in the Project SEARCH High School Transition Program. The program helps young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills needed to enter the workforce. Jakob says the program has had a profound impact on his life, as his confidence levels and social skills have increased. Jakob says he loves his work, his paycheck and knowing he’s making a difference.  "One of the Mayo brothers said no job is inferior, and I've come to realize that if I didn't clean, the other people in the lab couldn't get their work done," Jakob tells us. "Even though it seems small when you're just cleaning, the cells they're studying may one day cure cancer. What I do has a domino effect."

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