December 9, 2016

Couple Delivers ‘Blessing Bags’ to Show Patients They’re Not Alone

By Ali Skahan

Before Thanksgiving last year, Anthony found a bump on the roof of his mouth. When his dentist didn’t know what it was, Anthony visited Mayo Clinic for a biopsy and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Anthony completed a 12 day radiation treatment that proved to be successful. After Anthony and his wife Kari experienced such a difficult time during the holidays, they wanted to pay it forward and help other patients. They returned to Mayo Clinic to hand-deliver “blessing bags,” filled with items that Anthony found the most useful during his cancer treatment, such as lip balm and hand sanitizer. Anthony's radiation nurse said the "blessing bags" are an inspiration themselves. “They’re a phenomenal gift. To be able to give them a gift like this … it truly is a blessing.”  

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This is a beautiful thing to do! A gift from outside-the-hospital while inside-the-hospital is a real breath of fresh air!

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