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October 13, 2016

A Male Mammogram Brings Relief, Life and Marketing Lessons

By Alyse Brunella

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and musician, Marty Weintraub wears many hats, but “Mayo Breast Clinic patient” wasn’t one he was expecting. After beating stage three Hodgkin's lymphoma and starting his own marketing agency, Marty found a lump in his breast that lead to the need for a mammogram. While the possibility of cancer was a familiar fear to Marty, the idea of breast cancer was not. Marty’s doctor and care team at Mayo Clinic helped put him at ease: "I was out of place and felt it. She welcomed me. I was a man grappling with the thought of breast cancer, presenting distinctive circumstances. Dr. Neal patiently studied me from the inside out." Relieved that his results showed no sign of malignancy, Marty is sharing his gratitude for the care he received at Mayo Clinic through his story.


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