September 23, 2016

Persevering Through Brain Cancer, Travis McGinnis Remains Upbeat and Optimistic

By Ali Skahan

At age 30, Travis McGinnis was told he had a tumor the size of a fist in his brain. Located in the left cortex of his brain, the tumor had potential to have a major impact on his speech and movement. Travis turned to Mayo Clinic, where his Travis’s surgeons removed most of his tumor, but  not all of the cancer could be removed due to the advanced-stage oligoastrocytoma. Today, Travis gets radiation in intervals to keep his cancer from growing, and is maintaining a positive outlook on life. “In 20 years, I want people to say that Travis didn’t give up. That he didn’t let cancer get the best of him. That he fought and was happy and joyful and not down in the dumps and depressed because he has cancer,” he says.

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