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September 22, 2016

Falls Prevention Awareness Day

By Alyse Brunella

Did you know that every 13 seconds an older adult is in an ER for a fall-related injury? Suffering from a severe fall can leave you with bruises, sore muscles or worse – broken bones. As part of Falls Prevention Awareness Day, take the time to get smart on tips to prevent a fall: make an appointment with your doctor, keep moving and wear sensible shoes.


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Falls Prevention Awareness Day
Falls Prevention Awareness Day | Mayo Clinic Connect
Did you know that every 13 seconds an older adult is in an ER for a fall-related injury.

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I’m a 71 year old woman and 4 years ago had a knee replacement. Well, somehow it came loose and I had to have a revision 2 years later. After it was all healed I found that I had balance problems. I was not steady on my feet and had fallen several times. I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon and he sent me to P.T. for 2 months. The P.T. I had was wonderful, and she really has me feeling much sturdier on my feet. I’m also more conscious of where I’m walking, what’s in front of me, and not just plowing ahead.

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I was undergoing therapy with my chiropractor for my frequent falls. He recommended taking up tai chi, which I did through our local senior citizens center, and I haven’t fallen since. I highly recommend it, Karin Cavanaugh

I think that’s a great idea. In fact, I have a DVD of Tai Chi for Seniors; unfortunately, my DVD equipment isn’t working. My son said he will bring the cables over when he comes the next time and get it going. I hope so.

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