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August 23, 2016

After Learning Flu-Like Symptoms Were Actually Thyroid Cancer, Mother Shares Advice to Help Save Others

By Alyse Brunella

Beth Spreitzer was busy raising her daughter and taking care of a household, which left no time for being sick. Beth had been experiencing cold-like symptoms for a while, and finally decided to see her doctor. Following the visit, Beth noticed she began fighting the urge to nap in the carpool lane at school, but she just attributed exhaustion to having a full plate. She never expected to hear that these were symptoms of thyroid cancer. She was shocked when doctors at Mayo Clinic diagnosed her, but knew she was in good hands, saying that her doctor was comforting to not only her, but to her family as well. Today, Beth is taking her illness one day at a time and advises others to listen to their body – and most importantly, go to Mayo Clinic. Learn more about Beth’s story here.

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