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July 29, 2016

What Your Food Cravings Secretly Reveal About Your Health

By Alyse Brunella

We all have them: food cravings. And for some of us, they come more frequently than we’d like. But how do those cravings relate to our overall health? Potato chip cravings may signal that you’re low on healthy fats while chocolate cravings may be a sign of self-medication for depression. Mayo Clinic research shows that people who were short-changed on just over an hour of sleep ate an extra 550 calories the next day (and guess what, they weren’t all fruits and vegetables). Sugar is a quick pick-me-up to fight exhaustion, but it’s short-lived and can actually make your more tired in the end. So before you decide to stay up and watch one more Netflix show, just think about the implications that could have on you tomorrow.

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