July 14, 2016

Here’s What Actually Happens When You Pee on a Jellyfish Sting

By Alyse Brunella

Whether you’re strolling along the Atlantic or scuba diving in the Pacific, keep an eye out for jellyfish (or the evil gelatinous bags that will sting you, according to BuzzFeed). Trust us, you don’t want to get stung – ouch! But just in case you do, spare yourself the embarrassment of asking a friend to pee on the sting – contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually the most effective treatment. Mayo Clinic internist, Dr. Vandana Bhide recommends treating a jellyfish sting by removing the tentacles from your skin and pouring sea water on it. This will help to soothe the sting and prevent the absorption of toxins. Vinegar works even better as its highly acidic, so it can neutralize the toxins and bring the stingers to the surface. Whatever you do, don’t use fresh water, solvents or rub the sting – that can actually release more toxins into your body. Learn more about jellyfish stings and remedies here. Happy Swimming!

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