July 1, 2016

Your beauty routine’s dirty little secrets and what small steps you can do to improve your regimen

By Alyse Brunella

We spend tons of time and money researching and testing the latest products and regimens, but many of us may miss the small steps that are critical to having healthy skin. A shocking 43% of women never wash their makeup brushes and 89% hang on to makeup for way too long. Experts suggest replacing mascara and eyeliners every three months and liquid foundation every six months. We’re also guilty of relying on our moisturizers to protect us from the sun, but many of them contain only a small amount of SPF. Don’t be fooled – these moisturizers aren’t designed to last as long as or replace sunscreen. Mayo Clinic says that sunscreen is designed to remain at its original strength for up to three years, but facial moisturizers and serums should be tossed between six months and a year. Learn more dirty little beauty secrets and take steps to improve your routine!

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