Do you drink too much?

The summer is often the time for full coolers and popping the top on your favorite beer, but it's always best not to go overboard. Men’s Health shared this quiz to help you see if you might be indulging a bit too much. Dr. Terry Schneekloth, an addiction expert at Mayo Clinic says, “Even if you can generally stop drinking when you want to, talk to your doctor to devise a drinking plan so it doesn’t get worse.” We’re all for a cold one (or two), but definitely want to avoid dangerous situations, the dreaded hangover, and well, general embarrassment (we’ve all been there). Cheers!

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Do you drink too much? | Mayo Clinic Connect
Via @MayoClinic: Do you consume too much #alcohol - #alcoholism #addiction
Those hangovers may be the sign of a major health problem | Mayo Clinic Connect

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