Arthritis pain dos and don’ts

For the more than 46 million Americans who have arthritis, it can be confusing to know what to do or not do for your arthritis pain. Check out these tips to learn what will work best for you. You’ll find everything from exercise and everyday routines to medication.


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Arthritis pain dos and don'ts
Arthritis pain dos and don’ts
Arthritis pain dos and don’ts | Mayo Clinic Connect

What is the right kind of exercise to do when it hurts in all your joints?? My husband has this problem!! He loves to walk the dogs but says it hurts to bad and recently stoped walking. So how do I get him to excerise when it hurts??! Sharonmay7


Hi @sharonmay7. I found some information exercising with arthritis and tips to protect your joints ( Hopefully your husband finds some of these post-exercise tips helpful!

Has your husband tried swimming or water aerobics? According to the Arthritis Foundation, water aerobics “lessens the impact on joints by 75% compared to traditional aerobics.” (

I’m also tagging @blindeyepug, @excentrk and @riverqueen1305 – all members who have recently wrote about various exercises, including swimming, to help relieve joint pain.


Do you know anything about the use of hemp oil (without thc) to help inflammation and pain? I'm tired of taking pills and braids that don't work well and have side effects.

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