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October 7, 2015

Mayo Clinic launches ambitious study on how being indoors all the time affects us

By SMHNadmin

Americans spend 10% of their time outside—that’s only about 2.5 hours a day. The rest of our time is spent rushing between places like the office, the gym and the grocery store.

So now, scientists are taking a look at what this means for us— how do all the materials, smells, lights, and sounds in our indoor spaces impact our bodies and minds?

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As a patient who is forced to be indoors for most of the winter due to Canada’s harsh winters, I find aromatherapy and the like to be the most effective tool to a healthy living indoors. Incense, candles and a clean environment is key. Live plants stationed at windows provides a warm feeling and memory of the outdoors.

I’m extremely curious to see the results of this study since I am forced to deal with the indoor environments all the time.

Martin Lemieux

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