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Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems

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Kathy Zendner (@kathyzendner) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Tue, Jan 20 12:05am · View  

I am a new member. I always research Mayo Clinic for medical information. I was diagnosed with Ideopathic Gastroparesis 11/17/14 I am going downhill since diagnosis. I have lost 35 lbs. since mid Oct. 2014. I was barely tolerating any typical "Flu" clear liquid diet when first hospitalized. I have been in the hospital 4 times. I had a positive Gastric Emptying study on 12/14/14. My Gastroparesis diet has decreased from stage 1 diet to only tolerating Chamomile tea and occasional Jello, and plain Cream of Wheat. I was drinking 2-3 Boost Breezes per day (Peach only) for calories & minimal vitamins, 9 gms. protein. Now even that is causing me worsening nausea & diarrhea. I am a 61 year old Caucasian female, no diabetes. I am worried & scared. I am supposed to see a "GI Specialist" at my local VA hospital in 2 days. My immune system, endocrine system ( I am Hypothyroid), and Urinary tract (I also have Cystitis) cognitive function, and vision are all being compromised, as well as ongoing dehydration, malnutrition & electrolyte imbalances. I don't want to be hospitalized again. Last time was horrendous ! I came home with a positive Staph infection in my bladder. My Urologist doesn't know what to do about my cystitis as I can't tolerate any further antibiotics. Most doctors don't even know about Gastroparesis! I am beyond exhaustion, sleeping very erratic. I get up every day, clean house, cook, and continue to enjoy my pets, my grandchildren, and bird watching in spite of my ill health. I am homebound due this illness. Any thoughts, ideas, possible treatments, or info would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Kathy

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hepster (@smaug48) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Sun, Jan 18 10:51am · View  

Does anyone have information about the Mayo Clinic treating people for Post Interferon Syndrome? I had 92 weeks of interferon for Hepatitis C (which didn't work) 2008-2009 and now feel much worse than I did before starting treatment. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

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asurfpro (@asurfpro) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Wed, Jan 14 2:19pm · View  


Hey all,

This is Robert here from Holladay Utah. I hope this communique finds Each of you well. Looking for someone who has any new information/ advancements on NASH.
I have NASH and hopefully I won't need a transplant but certainly it may come to that. Anything new on the horizon?

Kind regards,

Robert B.
Holladay, Utah

Eric Esplana (@ericesplana) responded:

I'm Mr. Eric Esplana from Montreal Canada. I was diagnosed with NASH last June 2011 stage 3. Since then I had changed my lifestyle. I dont drink alcohol and I do regular exercise. I'm being moniitored by my GI every 6 months. I undergo ultrasound and fibtoscan from time. As far as I know this condition is irreversible and sooner or later this will lead to cirrhosis. So it is up to us to slow [...]

Posted Wed, Jan 14 at 2:19pm CST · View
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jjimbo (@jjimbo) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Tue, Dec 30 2014 · View  

Hi . I just wanted to post and see if anyone has the same frustrating issues that I have been dealing with for years. I will start out with last yea. I spent three weeks in two different hospitals where nobody came up with a Diagnosis for what was causing sever bloating of the abdomen and pancreatitis. They did several upper and lower scopes and came up with diverticulosis. Mystery is that the swelling went down and the pain went away. Now a year and a half later the symptoms are back and worse than before. They came back after having two ultra sounds and an mri With restrictions to the pancreas and to the kidney along with the pain came the abdominal swelling again. I put myself on an all liquid diet to see if it would help. It did not. Now they are going to do a uro scope of the kidney and on upper gi. The were looking for stones but found non. They are scratching their heads to try and figure out what is causing the inflammation to the two different organs. After all of this I am at my wits end . Anybody have suggestions?

Mimi Altieri (@mimialtieri) responded:

jjimbo I do not know if this info might be of some help but I am writing to maybe give you some ideas that you can check on. I am a liver transplant patient. I am post 7 years and lately, I have started experiencing all of the symptoms your having. It feels like I am so bloated that I am going to pop. I have spoken to my transplant team and they are still [...]

Posted Dec 30, 2014 · View

jjimbo (@jjimbo) responded:

I thank you for your suggestions. They are going into the kidney tomorrow. I am hoping for some great news and will ask about the liver enzymes. to see if it could be a possibility.

Posted Dec 30, 2014 · View
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BillyMac65 (@billymac65) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Sat, Dec 20 2014 · View  

Mesenteric Panniculitis or Schlerosing Mesentertis (Auto-immune around small intestine)

I thought I would start a discussion for patients with Mesenteric Panniculitis. From what I know, this auto-immune disorder has three stages to it, each with differing names (Mesenteric Panniculitis, Schlerosing Mesenteritis, Retractile Mesenteritis). Typically, this appears to be in older individuals with some other under-lying problem (Lymphoma, tumor, diverticulitis).

I have an atypical presentation because I do not have an underlying cause. The doctors seem to be hoping for Lymphoma to appear so they can treat it and have the auto-immune go away. I am interested in hearing from others with this. I had this diagnosed in 2011, so I am interested in hearing more about what this is like to live with. I want to hear from others who also have an atypical presentation. Did is come back? Also interested in hearing from those with Lymphoma. How was the treatment? Did it address the auto-immune?

Pretty much, I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had this, so i can better understand it, and not feel so alone with this!!


AML (@amilhim) responded:

is there a cure for Mesenteric Panniculitis? someone I know has just been diagnosed with this disease after so many years of episodic abdominal pain and apparently wrong diagnosis. she is in her late seventies, is it normal at this age?

Posted Oct 15, 2014 · View

Hardclose (@hardclose) responded:

I'm new to the board, so here is my story...I've been struggling with acid reflux since Aug 2011 and my doctor was running out of treatment options so he ordered a CT. The CT showed Sclerosing Mesenteritis and also found out that I had slow gastric emptying aka Gastroparesis. Just heard yesterday that I have igG4 labs that are elevated to 163. I have suspected that I may have acquired H Pylori in 2011 but [...]

Posted Dec 20, 2014 · View
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ferrera nid (@nidfer63) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Sat, Dec 13 2014 · View  

3 Hi I want to say that I have gastritis and I [...]

3 Hi I want to say that I have gastritis and I having burning and pain.what can I do

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Tudormom (@wildcatwilma) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Thu, Dec 11 2014 · View  

Do you have a group on Eosinaphallic Eosphagatis?

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Marilyn A (@marilyna) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Sun, Nov 16 2014 · View  

I have been having stomach pains since February. I went to the doctor and they did blood test for several things. All the test came back fine. I was then told to have my gallbladder checked it is fine as well. With getting no results I went to see a dietitian and she put me on a gluten, dairy free diet. It has helped some but I still have stomach pains. I then went to see a chiropractor that deals with natural medicine he helped me for awhile but I'm having the pain more now. I still eat GF and DF ? I went back to the doctor and she did an H pylori test and it came back negative. I'm at a loss and I still have no answers I have requested to be seen at the mayo clinic in Minnesota. I'm waiting to hear back. I need answers. I have had no other test done.

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3 Hi I want to say that I have gastritis and I [...]

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Do you have a group on Eosinaphallic Eosphagatis?

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