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Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems

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Rose Harper (@rose7723) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Tue, May 12 1:06pm · View  

I have an MRI scheduled today to see about having surgery for colon inertia. My surgeon has given me two options. 1. to have surgery to correct my pelvic floor drop first, or 2. do the pelvic floor along with removal of my colon. I have decided, to have both done at the same time because I have been sick for a very long time. What do you think?

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kimd2020 (@kimd2020) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Tue, May 12 10:44am · View  

Where could I start...I don't think my system works properly. I don't look to have a bowel but every 3 days or less, but my system is not eliminating all of the waste. I feel clogged up sometimes like I could throw up. One time after I had my 4year old I started having back pain and stomach pain and neck pain...needless to say small quarter size fibroid behind uterus, but I was constipated as well and did not know until after pain reliever, muscle relaxers and an ultrasound that came last. It was really weird. I just had baby number 4 and sometimes i feel clogged like I could throw up. I have stool softeners from before this baby and after but it is still hard to pass soft because my body just won't let it come out, but I am not constipated. Any suggestions?

Trish68 (@trish68) responded:

Try prune juice it works well if you can handle the taste.

Posted Tue, May 12 at 9:10am CDT · View

Rebecca McRoberts | Community Manager (@rebeccamcroberts) responded:

Hi kimd2020, linked below is some information about diet and lifestyle changes that might be an option for you. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Posted Tue, May 12 at 10:44am CDT · View
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Rayann (@rayann) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Mon, May 11 9:09am · View  

I have a 35 year old daughter who has stomach problems. She's been seen by several doctors who say there is nothing wrong with her. She's lost 17 pounds in the last month. She's 5'6" and now weights 97 pounds. Her symptoms are: When she tries to eat, she wants to vomit, has to go to the bathroom as soon as she does eat, dry mouth, shakes, dizzy, migraines, stomach pain and her rib cage on her left side sticks out and hurts. She's wasting away to nothing right before my eyes. She wants to eat and does try small amounts several times a day. She's had eating problems her whole life. She stopped nursing at 3 months old and it was a battle to get anything in her except when she was pregnant for both children. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Please help us. Thank you

Kelsey Mohring | Community Manager (@kelseydm) responded:

Hi @Rayann, i'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I can't imagine how scary that must be! Unfortunately, we can't make a diagnosis through this correspondence, but if you'd like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, please call one of our appointment offices (Arizona: 800-446-2279 Florida: 904-953-0853 Minnesota: 507-538-3270) and they'd be happy to help you. I hope you find some answers!

Posted Mon, May 11 at 9:09am CDT · View
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leesburger (@jseim106) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Wed, May 6 9:23am · View  


I was diagnosed with Stage I colorectal 3/12, Had surgeries and chemo, and was declared NED. Then 12/13 it was back, Stage IV, mets to lung and liver. I've had chemo again and am now NED (Thank God), but am on Xeloda, and have been told it was for the rest of my life. I also take Chinese herbs and IV Vitamin C, so don't really know what has helped. I'm currently taking Xeloda, one week on, one week off : 1000mg BID.

Has anyone else taken Xeloda for a long period of time, and if so, what are the long term side effects. I have painful neuropathy in my feet and would like it to go away!

Thanks for all your help and support (I'm open to any questions about my journey & tricks that I believe have helped me)

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BillyMac65 (@billymac65) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Tue, Apr 28 11:45am · View  

Mesenteric Panniculitis or Schlerosing Mesentertis (Auto-immune around small intestine)

I thought I would start a discussion for patients with Mesenteric Panniculitis. From what I know, this auto-immune disorder has three stages to it, each with differing names (Mesenteric Panniculitis, Schlerosing Mesenteritis, Retractile Mesenteritis). Typically, this appears to be in older individuals with some other under-lying problem (Lymphoma, tumor, diverticulitis).

I have an atypical presentation because I do not have an underlying cause. The doctors seem to be hoping for Lymphoma to appear so they can treat it and have the auto-immune go away. I am interested in hearing from others with this. I had this diagnosed in 2011, so I am interested in hearing more about what this is like to live with. I want to hear from others who also have an atypical presentation. Did is come back? Also interested in hearing from those with Lymphoma. How was the treatment? Did it address the auto-immune?

Pretty much, I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had this, so i can better understand it, and not feel so alone with this!!


LS4 (@lisas444) responded:

it is - it's great you're able to control it with minimal intervention! :) There are a couple of others as well that have done the Paleo and have had great luck with it! :) Good luck to you! :)

Posted Mon, Apr 27 at 3:38pm CDT · View

S Jackson (@mommasaid) responded:

Thanks to all of you for sharing. Mine is mild so I am trying to learn as much as I can. I do have abdominal pain at night but when I take lunesta I sleep through it. But I am going to have to stop it because even 1.5mg of the lunesta keeps me sleepy until mid afternoon. I will check out this diet. I need to loose weight and help my cholesterol etc.

Posted Tue, Apr 28 at 11:45am CDT · View
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Mark (@vmc123) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Mon, Apr 27 4:31pm · View  

Has anyone ever filed for social security disability because of sclerosing mesenteritis? Was diagnosed in 2010, had to leave my job of 35 years in 2012 because of this stupid disease! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

LS4 (@lisas444) responded:

i have my daughter's Court Decision if you need it and the other guy, the 28 year old's Order if you need it as well. When is your hearing? :)

Posted Mon, Apr 27 at 3:46pm CDT · View

Mark (@vmc123) responded:

Hi Lisa! Sent you an email. Mark

Posted Mon, Apr 27 at 4:31pm CDT · View
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CDICICCO (@cdicicco) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Mon, Apr 27 9:53am · View  

When I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, I noticed that my stomach would distend after almost every meal and I would remain full longer than usual. The issue subsided once I started on the injections, but when I was put on the vitamin to maintain, I noticed the old issue of stomach distention reappeared and I gained weight instead of losing. Is there a correlation. Did the lack of an intrinsic factor destroy some enzyme needed for proper digestion of food. I have no idea, and would appreciate any clues, ect..

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Rebecca McRoberts | Community Manager (@rebeccamcroberts) posted in Digestive (Gastrointestinal) Problems · Thu, Apr 23 2:35pm · View  

About 1 percent of the U.S. population suffers from celiac disease, but many more chose to avoid gluten in their daily diets. Why? Dr. Joseph Murray explains some of the in and outs of a gluten-free lifestyle.

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contractions in my stomach area.

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