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My father became extremely ill 7 years ago. He lost over 100 [...]

Posted by @abbyjayne in Digestive Health, Feb 25, 2014

My father became extremely ill 7 years ago. He lost over 100 pounds and is sick daily. He vomits (sometimes green) and his stomach will bloat out to the point where he looks pregnant. He can't seem to pass the gas. He has also become very frail and has lost a lot of muscle movement. He has seen every doctor in our area, and has visited The Mayo Clinic in
Minnesota. They ran every test known to man on him and never came up with a diagnosis. They assume that he has an over abundance of bacteria in his lower intestine. They prescribed him a shot to take in his stomach daily. - this is still a medical mystery. And I can't bear to watch this amazing man suffer daily. - he was Captain of our capital city's fire department and was Awarded Firefighter Of The Year. - he has saved so many lives in the 20 years at the department, and I just wish someone could save his.

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Posted by @soledadandrade, Feb 28, 2014

Hello Abby Jayne, I am sorry to hear about your father's illness. Is there an email we can reach you at to find the best way to help you? Thank you for trusting Mayo Clinic with your father's health care needs.


Posted by @abbyjayne, Feb 28, 2014


Posted by @abbyjayne, Feb 28, 2014

I'm so thankful someone replied! Please email me with any information you may have!


Posted by @dbfaircloth, Mar 29, 2014

I suppose gall bladder and pancreas were checked 1st and foremost.

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