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I just signed up. I, in the last 5 years have become

Posted by @missnanforever in Just Want to Talk, Apr 7, 2012

I just signed up. I, in the last 5 years have become ill. I have been about health and life and camping and all wildlife all of my life. I am really getting tired of my body making the choices. I can't even lay down without my legs burning and cramping. The situation is getting pretty serious. I haven't slept more than an hour at a time in about 2 years. People say that eventually I will get tired enough! But, really, eventually, I will go more crazy and die. As soon as I put my legs horizontal, they cramp & burn. I have started meditating, practicing Yoga daily for a year. I want to rise above, mind & spirit over the physical. Can anyone help me. I have acquired a lot of knowledge, too. I grew up in a medical household. I helped my Mom study when I was 14 ~ 16 as she got her degree in Respitory Therapy, my Dad was an Herbologist. Please friend me. I am lonely. Hard to admit, that. Thanks everyone. Marian

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