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I am the proud father of three great children that are struggling

Posted by @threecrazyjs in Just Want to Talk, Sep 3, 2012

I am the proud father of three great children that are struggling with bed wetting for a long time. We tried just about everything out there and now is becoming depressing for my oldest. Any body out there with the same problems and if so please talk to me. Thank you.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 17, 2012

sometimes it's congenital but parents don't always talk about the past with respect to that issue because it has a certain stigma to it and they would just as soon forget about it and the struggle. bladder development can be delayed in a family and can suddenly get stronger and the problem is gone. the important thing to remember is never ever to level criticism at the child about it. always keep the bedding clean, a plastic comfortable undersheet on and ensure child always takes his morning shower. Do all this with love and relax. anxiety and too much focus on it can worsen it. a muscle can't get stronger through will power, it happens gradually with some children and perhaps a study of the family can enable them to understand that the problem will disappear within a given age range as the bladder in the family is a a late develloper.

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