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I am kinda right back where I was ...still having like radio

Posted by @wilkins905 in Just Want to Talk, Sep 19, 2012

I am kinda right back where I was ...still having like radio signals running around i my head......I still think the meds did it on the mix-up......I may have to visit Mayo to get better....I am at the point where I don't have much confidence in the honestty of these folks here @conniebug


Posted by @piglit, Sep 20, 2012

Hi wilkins I hope that things get better for you soon. Youv'e been in my thoughts.Take care Piglit


Posted by @wilkins905, Oct 3, 2012

Hi ...thank you for your concern......I am still in trouble but .I am trying to deal with it.....i am not sure of what happen to me , but I still think a bad mix of drugs got me mess up.....I have checked interaction on and also got a report from CVS, the Walgreens that gave them to me would not even give me a printout......I am still trying to work with the doctors....I am not a suspious person...and I try to think postive in most situations...but anyway what I need to know is what after affects serotoin sydrome can stay with a person?My head keeps buzzing pain ....who can live like this?again thank you for writing me

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