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i am including my post for you to read. I was recently

Posted by @jmgm in Just Want to Talk, May 3, 2012

i am including my post for you to read.

I was recently diagnosed with vulva cancer…(stage 2 squamous cell) .the doctor wants to operate ----- ,,operation will include removal of clitoris…..therefore, I asked the doctor for an option, prior to the operation, that could shrink the tumor which is now 2.2 centimeters in size.

I have been given the option of chemo only from one doctor and chemo and radiation together (referred to as “chemo rads” ) from another doctor

Both options have the hope of shrinking the tumor …. My thinking is that if the tumor shrinks, I can save the clitoris and have less radical surgery. Has any one had any similar experience? I am desperate for information . Both doctors want to perform operation first…. Has anyone had radiation in the vulva area? Or chemo? Please respond

I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis about 15 years ago and was never told about the association between LS and vulva cancer
thank you @allenkaye

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