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Does anyone have any input for healing an open wound in a [...]

Posted by @aurelius in Kidney & Bladder, May 12, 2014

Does anyone have any input for healing an open wound in a scrotum. It has been more than 12 weeks, and I am not getting better. This information is critical - since the original problem still exists - a hole in the urethra.


Posted by @tigergrandmom, May 14, 2014

Hello Mark. I can only tell you what helped me with healing after Colon Surgery for Cancer. Because of all the digestive issues, nausea and diarrhea, I wasn’t able to eat much at all. I lost 20 pounds in just 4 weeks. My incision was not healing well. You must have enough calories and protein to meet your body’s regular needs and then extra for healing and repair. I used Ensure High Protein in addition to the food that I could eat. Then a Dietitian told me about Juven which is a special high protein product designed for wound healing and surgery recovery. The protein is already broken down into amino acids for easy absorption. You can get it at Walgreens and on line. Then I referred myself to a Registered Dietitian for a consult. She was wonderful. , She figured out how many calories and how much protein I needed each day. Open wounds require lots more calories. Then she gave me lots of good ideas to increase calories and protein in the food I was able to eat. We were able to stop the weight loss within a week to 10 days. I was eating and/or drinking Ensure/Juven every 2 hours because I couldn’t eat much at one sitting. I also worked to increase my fluid intake. Even though my problem was not as bad as your open wound, the nutrition issue was critical. I encourage you to find a good Dietitian. Your insurance will usually cover the cost. Good Luck

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, May 15, 2014

Thanks for your comment, @tigergrandmom! I hope this is helpful for you, @aurelius. Does anyone else have information to share with Mark?


Posted by @aurelius, May 15, 2014

Margaret. Thank you for your response. I have already begun taking protein shakes recommended by my primary care physician. His concern is also that I have lost too much weight (@ 30 pounds) for the "wrong reasons" and that I need to push the protein. I am consulting with another urologist today for a second opinion, and will raise the "need " for a nutritionist.
I will give you more feedback later. My problem is complicated by the fact that the wound needs to heal from the inside out, and heals from the outside in - leaving the potential for further infection.


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