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NicoleJahns760webNicole’s Journey From Nurse to Transplant Patient and Back

Nicole Jahns, and Emergency Department nurse at Mayo Clinic, got to see patient care at Mayo Clinic through a different lens when cystic fibrosis left her in need of a lung transplant. Now she’s back at work putting what she learned into practice. 

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Schwindt760Patient with “Double Trouble” Diagnosis Finds Answers at Mayo Clinic

After a slew of bad news, including being diagnosed with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis, Kendall Schwindt came to Mayo Clinic, where he found the right treatment plan to put him on the road to remission. 

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AudreyDean760Second Opinion Leads to a Second Chance at Sight

Lawyer Audrey Dean is still arguing cases, including some before the Canadian Supreme Court, thanks to a second opinion and treatment at Mayo Clinic that found the real cause of her failing eyesight, which was beginning to threaten her career.

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Chronic inguinal pain...Ilioinguinal neuritis. Pulse radiofrequency treatment versus pulse radiofrequency ablation.

I am 38 years old & have suffered an injury to my ilioinguinal/hypogastric nerves after a gynological surgery. My nerve [...]

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